Yes, all articles we are selling here are unconditionnaly guaranteed to be genuine or money-back. We make our best efforts thanks to our expertise to only collect genuine items. We never had to face any forgery / fake so far.
You're lot should come to your door between 10 days and 30 days, depending where you are located. However it should take approximately 1 to 2 weeks inside UE and in the USA.
Fee for shippinh & handling is a function of the country, weigh and dimensions. Notice that we always insure shipping for the actual paid value and always offer tracking services in order to comply with paypal program. If you face any issue just tell us so that we can try to resolve it on our side.
We are a group of enthousiasts numismatic persons who moved more generally to classical antiquities with a mandate to find beautiful ancient genuine pieces for everyone. We have more than 20 years eying classical antiquities and have develop a strong expertise in this particular field.
It mainly comes from linkage with direct dealers who work with excavators (mainly from the holyland region). They currently have more than 50kg in inventory. We never had any problems with them for years...
It is your duty to pay the customs and price paid here do not take it into account. We always declare it to customs in order to completely fulfil our duty since we aim to abide by the law and strive to fight to stand with the best ethical standard.